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Refund Policy

Terms of Returns

Some things that can allow you to return the product you have received are:

  1. Product received damaged
  2. The products received is not eligible with the order

When you want to refund, you can contact our customer service at [email protected] for further process through data collection and form filling.The Items that will be exchanged or returned must be intact and there is no use at all.

Product Returns Procedure

First, you must send an email to customer service within a maximum period of 10 days after the product is received. In e-mail, you are required to provide detail information and the reasons why you want to return the product. You can wait for an e-mail reply from us as a sign of whether the request approved or not. This e-mail reply will be enclosing a form of product returns (Customer must fill it).

Secondly, if you have received the approval email from us of product return, then you can send the products to be returned with the returns form filled. Without the form, return or exchange products will not be received.

After receiving the e-mail as a sign of approval of the product returned, we give you time to send the product to us no longer than 10 days after the e-mail is received. If passed these provisions, we deserve to cancel the exchange of products or refund, and replace it with a credit coupon of Beauty Boss(can’t be cashed, it can only be used for purchasing Beauty Boss product)

Product Returns Cost

If you return the product, it will change the shipping cost for the cancellation of the order. The total cost of the expedition is adjusted by the previous delivery.For product delivery which have been exchanged to you, you are obligated to pay for shipping cost through the expedition appointed by Beauty Boss.

Product Returns Time Estimation

The estimation of returning the product depends on:The proper response between you and the customer service of Beauty BossExpedition chosen to deliver the products **) An exception may occur when the fault is in the courier delivery or input error on the expedition

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