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Beauty Boss is a brand that answers the need for effective and innovative products for the modern day women. Our founder and product innovator, Dr Natalie Desilie, is passionate in formulating skincare that gives impeccable results that are easy to use on a daily basis. Staying true to her medical background, Dr Natalie Desilie creates a science-based line made with ingredients clinically proven to deliver the best possible results for your skin.

Our products range from skincare to make up and decorative items that prioritize the well-being of the skin. We provide not only products that are scientifically proven, but we also care for our fur friends and guarantee cruelty-free process on our product development. Beauty Boss products are formulated without Paraben, Mercury, Hydroquinone and Steroid. Our ingredients are carefully selected and minimally manipulated to be gentle and safe with maximum effectiveness. We believe that your skin deserves the same care and attention as your overall health and wellness.

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