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Beauty Package - Daisy

Beauty Package - Daisy
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Beauty Package - Daisy
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    Boss Daisy

    1 PR Box contains :

    • 3 pcs Boss Babe BB Cream of your choise
    • 1 pcs Day Off Cleansing Balm
    • 1 pcs Boss Babe Beauty Blend

    Benefit Boss Babe BB Cream

    • Hydration
    • Sun protection
    • Antioxidant
    • Antipollution

    Shade Boss Babe BB Cream :

    • Rosie : light to medium skin with pink undertone 
    • Almond : light to medium with neutral undertone 
    • Honey : medium skin with yellow undertone

    Benefit Day Off Cleansing Balm

    • No harsh drying, stripping, rubbing
    • Remove waterproof makeup
    • Non sticky
    • Gentle option for sensitive and irritated skin

    Benefit Boss Babe Beauty Blend

    • Super-soft makeup sponge
    • Latex-free
    • Quickly blends make up for an easy application with a flawless finish

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