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Brand: Beauty Boss
ABOUT ROSE QUARTZ SETRose Quartz  is a Crystal contains Silicium, Magnesium, Iron, and Natrium that is believed to carry positive energy, soothing and encouraging self-love and mindfulness. Meanwhile, for the skin, it improves complexion by preventing wrinkles and smooths fine lines, helps bloo..
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Boss Daisy
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Brand: Beauty Boss
Boss Daisy1 PR Box contains :3 pcs Boss Babe BB Cream of your choise1 pcs Day Off Cleansing Balm1 pcs Boss Babe Beauty BlendBenefit Boss Babe BB CreamHydrationSun protectionAntioxidantAntipollutionShade Boss Babe BB Cream :Rosie : light to medium skin with pink undertone Almond : light to mediu..
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