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Brand: Beauty Boss
ABOUT AMETHYST FACE ROLLER & GUA SHA SETAmethyst is a Crystal contains Magnesium, and Iron, in South Koreans believed that Amethyst has the power to alleviate stress and headaches and improve blood circulation for better health. Also help people who suffering from insomnia, Amethyst kept close t..
Boss Babe Beauty Blend Boss Babe Beauty Blend
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Brand: Beauty Boss
Boss Babe Beauty BlendBoss Babe Beauty Blend super-soft makeup sponge, latex-free, and egg-shaped with a pointed tip at the bottom sponge, quickly blends make up for an easy application with a flawless finish, made from Hydrophilic Polyurethane that absorbs less product than average make up sponge. ..
Brand: Beauty Boss
ABOUT ROSE QUARTZ SETRose Quartz  is a Crystal contains Silicium, Magnesium, Iron, and Natrium that is believed to carry positive energy, soothing and encouraging self-love and mindfulness. Meanwhile, for the skin, it improves complexion by preventing wrinkles and smooths fine lines, helps bloo..
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