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Beauty Package - Rancak
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BOSS RANCAK Complete Beauty Kit for you and your loved one ✨ Include :1 THE LIFT JOB BOX (5pcs)1 THE RESCUE BOX (5pcs)1 ROSE QUARTZ & GUA SHA SETBENEFIT OF THE LIFT JOB :1. Brightening the skin2. Improve uneven skin tone3. Lift and prevent wrinkle 4. Boost skin collagen 5. Pr..
Brand: Beauty Boss
ABOUT ROSE QUARTZ SETRose Quartz  is a Crystal contains Silicium, Magnesium, Iron, and Natrium that is believed to carry positive energy, soothing and encouraging self-love and mindfulness. Meanwhile, for the skin, it improves complexion by preventing wrinkles and smooths fine lines, helps bloo..
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