Since day one of colonialism, the Indonesian beauty standard started changing. It was upon the arrival of European colonialists that a “magnificent beauty” became standard by the images of Caucasian women. From magazine to beauty brand advertising, the brand tends to promote western beauty standards using film stars in its ads including mixed-race stars that have fair skin. Replace those all other races in beauty history.


Even after Japan took over Indonesia, they try to change the standard into the ideal beauty of Asian which remains the same, light skin. Afterward, Indonesian women nowadays have to struggle with the standard. With over 600 races in Indonesia, the beauty standard is not healthy and suitable to be followed, especially when rising colors diversity hits worldwide.


Indonesia also began shifting from the pale to its original skin, including Beauty Boss. Beauty Boss celebrates diversity through the vision to let you, Beauties, to feel the best with your skin color, pale, fair, yellow, beige, tan, and every other color that we believe will show the beauty within and outside. Beauty Boss committed will help you to treat, improve, and enhance your look and confidently show your radiant glowing skin.


Beauty Boss supports you to be the boss of your body, not the standard that has been created by anyone.


So, Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful,



Beauty Boss