Hi, Beauties! Who comes to your top of mind if we talk about successful women? Think about it and try to remember is she famous because of her beautiful face or because of what she accomplished until today? Surprisingly in Indonesia, 72% of women according to the “Indonesia Beauty Confidence Report 2017” believe they must reach some physical beauty standard to succeed, and of course, as the result, some of them thought if they could not meet the standard, perhaps successful only a dream.

Those standards surely make many women lose the opportunity to get what they deserve, eventually starting from standards that are made by the society itself. If we look back to history, the success women define with their charm and intellect, such as Cleopatra and Elizabeth I, if we refer to “100 Most Important People” by Time Magazine, Beauties will be surprised that the women who make history are the one who has their voice to support other women like Emmeline Pankhurts or Malala Yousafzai. Malala even being the youngest Nobel awarded when she was only 17 years old.

The combination of the charm, intellect, and belief, that they bring joy to the others. The major impact on society and giving another successful meaning, thus combination also helps by being a better version of yourself. This commitment brings Beauty Boss to help the efficiency of your time while doing your work hard to achieve dreams as-soon-to-be-successful women, you deserve to pamper yourself with beneficial products anywhere and anytime, to gain the confidence and true beauty will show within and outside. Not only physical beauty standard but Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful. 


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