The Beauty Industry develops rapidly but Beauty Boss founders notice the leverage of Beauty Standard in Indonesia may make some people feel uncomfortable with themself. Beauty Boss founders then come up with the idea of being “You are Your Own Beautiful”, We do believe with beauty from within and shows on the outside. 

So, Beauty Boss came with the first product launch Sheetmask, the product that can be used daily to help people feel more confident and beautiful every day, even in pandemic conditions. We are very confident in it! Since our products are formulated by science for your skin especially in Asian skin, not only a myth or assumption but truly a scientific method by the experts to give Beauties results only in 15 minutes. 

Yes, the product is skin-friendly for any skin type, age, race and we’re being honest on our ingredients so you can learn and decide to be your own boss in beauty, to choose what is the best for your skin. We are wholeheartedly dedicated and committed to helping you have the best skin in your life, to achieve your radiant complexion and healthy glow not only the stereotype of any beauty standard. 

Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful, 


Beauty Boss